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Our Mission

To Help Reduce Future Incidents of Dropped Objects while Saving you Rig Time and Potential Downhole Problems

D2 Oil Tools is an independent tool company with the 2 owners having over 65 years’ experience in engineering and rig operations.  The Floating Drift was developed out of a need on the rigs due to Safety and Operational problems associated with Conventional Drifting out of the derrick.

We have worked hard to bring a safer, more cost efficient way to drift tubulars while running in the hole.  No More sending the drift up in the elevators on a lanyard for the derrick hand to drop the drift with the possibility of hitting someone on the rig floor or dropping a drift attached to a wire.

Don’t wait until your pipe is on bottom to find out you have an ID restriction due to an overtorque or debris.  The Floating Drift identifies the problem at the surface.

When development started on the Floating Drift, the emphasis was on cost savings and efficiency.  While these are major benefits, it was clear that the Safety Aspect of the Floating Drift was more important than cost and efficiency.  With the emphasis on Eliminating Dropped Objects, the Floating Drift solves the problem while drifting tubulars on the rig.  Rig Contractors embrace the Floating Drift as a means to Mitigate Potential Safety Concerns and LTA’s with dropped objects.

The Floating Drift can verify that all tubulars reach bottom without debris, pipe dope or an overtorque. This ensures that all tools will operate properly.

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