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League of legends is a MOBA (multiple Arena battle lines) in which two teams of five players fighting to destroy the enemy base reminds us about DotA. By offering a combination of free, full RPG and strategy, along with a pinch of Action League of Legends (LoL short) can make a game and deep, and will certainly enjoy the actual study fans online multiplayer to MOBA ( function () {(‘ Study-application-site-Desktop ‘);});

Compared to competitors such as Smite and DotA 2, League of legends has established itself as the benchmark for the genre MOBA with nearly 40 million monthly players. The best thing about LoL is strength of games that require you to respond quickly without forgetting about the strategic depth.

Most popular games featuring game mode LoL (5 vs 5 struggle to control enemies with Basic) for about 40 minutes to be played at a time, in the middle of the game will leave your team more than ordinary revenue in one stop other players.

Fortunately, there are many other games if you don’t have time to fight old: you have 3 vs. 3 or 5 vs. 5 battle with random characters and fight the boat operated by artificial intelligence. Lol offers a variety of different game experience will grow: developer will always add new game modes and new so that old warrior players lose the game very simple but challenging

Since the League of legends made entering the market, the developers have made a point to make this game easier for beginners (a complex task to MOBA game). With many AI systems and training that you against other players with the same skill level, experience to you, basically increased from get go.

Keep in mind that LoL is quite challenging and the first parts of the game are often disappointing. You have the power through this level if you want to become a good player and enjoy all the benefits that comes with playing the game long term.

Like most legend games League MOBA experience large defect: it is a team game where communication is very important. Unfortunately, some players tend to thrash as soon as they get a little frustrated.

So, it is not uncommon to see insults flying around in the chat, along with an increase in antisocial behaviour. It is unfortunate because this in turn can sometimes damage the game experience. Feel free to play with friends or turn off conversation with games Peace!

Note that as with all competing online game, League of legends put very important fair play: even without investing money in this game, it is required to remain competitive with other players. Strategies for Fair Play usually work well because often the game determined to avoid characters that are not too strong, that takes priority override others. My only complaint is about the Rune system, because this supplement payable makenmag your characters stronger in a competitive free-to-play.

Average graphics, but ever growing

Released in 2009, League of legends is inconsistent with current-Gen games thatstandard in terms of graphics. Outdated character, such as a view. Fortunately, however, development work will attempt to improve the design of the characters and make it more interesting. WalaupunTerdapat some aspects of graphics (especially the design of worldly women characters), everything seems to work well enough that both baikbersama and attracted.

You will see in the * content * * * a frequently updated with game developers make changes to characters, textures, maps and sound to make a game that grew along the classic online games

League of legends is a classic. By combining game system that combines both team strategy and role-playing, the program offers the experience of a very dynamic and interesting that you enjoy near entitled-You to the game a rich.

League of legends is a success (technically less complex than DotA 2, but easier) and regularly updated in terms of content. However, remember that even though it’s free, you still have to pay a lot of out of the bag if you want to get your hands on some of the content has been paid (including offensive Rune system).

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